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calcium sulfate
CaSO4 molecular 136.14
traits white powder. 2.964g/cm3 density. 1450 ° C melting point. Yi absorbing moisture and do not dissolve in water, soluble in acid. Usually dihydrate and a half of water on application forms. Dihydrate commonly known as gypsum and PLASTER STONE is monoclinic white powder, dissolved in acid, ammonium salt, glycerin, water-soluble, non-soluble in ethanol. 2.32g/cm3 density. Melting point 1350 ~ 1375 ° C 128 lost 1.5 ° Celements of water, heated to 163 ° C lost two water molecules. Semi-water-white powder, with absorbent, mixed with water to form plasticity easy pouring block paste, and the next time that is curable, accompanied by the expansion of micro and heat. Another semi-water-α-and β - two. Α-called high-intensity building gypsum, commonly known as beta-cooked gypsum plaster and burned.
applications calcium sulfate is mainly used for the polishing powder, white paint pigments, paper filler, such as gas desiccant. Calcium sulfate dihydrate mainly used in the manufacture of cement, water sulfate and calcium sulfate half; Also for reducing soil alkalinity and improve soil properties; Tofu also can be used as a coagulant and chemical reagents. Α-form calcium sulfate is mainly used for the construction of high-strength gypsum components, gypsum spanner, model structure and mechanical processing time of such pieces gelled processing. Β-form calcium sulfate is mainly for building materials, gypsum whitewash components, gypsum containers, art on the model used for sculpture, chalk gelling agent, insecticides diluent, dental materials. In traditional Chinese medicine on the Convergence for Shengji sores.

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