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sulfur dioxide

GB No. 23013
CAS No. 7446-09-5
Molecular Formula SO2
molecular 64.06

2. The impact on the environment :
a health hazard

pathways : inhalation.
health hazards : the vulnerability of moist mucosal surface absorption generated sulfite and sulfuric acid. Ocular and respiratory mucosa have a strong stimulating effect. Large inhaled can cause pulmonary edema, laryngeal edema, where vocal cord spasms suffocation.
acute poisoning : mild poisoning occurred tears, confusion, dry cough, burning throat; Severe poisoning can occur within a few hours of pulmonary edema; Inhalation of high concentrations can cause reflex spasm supraglottic where suffocation. Contact with skin or eye inflammation or burns.
chronic effects : long-term exposure to low concentration, headache, dizziness, weakness and other systemic symptoms, and chronic rhinitis, laryngitis, bronchitis, smell and taste such as pneumonia. Minority workers etching dental disease.

two, toxicology information and environmental behavior

acute toxicity : LC506600mg/m3, 1 hour (rat inhalation)
irritation : a rabbit eyes : 3,831 / 4 hours, 32 days, a mild irritant.
Mutagenicity : DNA damage : 5700ppb human lymphocytes. Inhibition of DNA : 5700ppb human lymphocytes.
reproductive toxicity : rat inhalation poisoning minimum concentration (TCL0) : 4mg/m3, 24 hours (72 days before mating), cause menstrual cycle changes or disorder, affecting the delivery of the female reproductive influential index. Inhalation poisoning mice minimum concentration (TCL0) : 25ppm (7 hours), (progesterone 6-15 days), the embryo toxicity.
carcinogenicity : mouse inhalation poisoning minimum concentration (TCL0) : 500ppm (5 minutes), 30 weeks (intermittent), suspected to tumors.

hazardous characteristics : Unburning. In case of high fever, increased pressure within containers, cracking and the risk of explosion.
combustion (decomposition) products : sulfur oxides.

3. Emergency Monitoring Methods :
equipment; Gas detection tube method
gas velocity measurement tube (Beijing as insurance products, product Germany 1940s)

4. Laboratory monitoring methods :
tetrachlorophthalic mercury salt-pararosaniline hydrochloride colorimetry (GB8970-88, air)
formaldehyde pararosaniline absorption spectrophotometry (GB/T15262-94 air )

5. Environmental standards :
China (TJ36-79) Workshop harmful substances in the air that the maximum allowable concentration 15mg/m3
China (TJ36-79) Residential District of harmful substances in the atmosphere of the maximum allowable concentration 0.50mg/m3 (a value); 0.15mg/m3 (days average)
China (GB3092-1996) ambient air quality standard (mg/m3) 1 0.02; two .06; three 0 .10 (annual average)
a 0.05; two .15; 3 0.25 (average)
a 0.15; two .50; 3 0.70 (a small when average)
Chinese (GB16297-1996) Air Pollutant Discharge Standards ?maximum allowable emission concentrations (mg/m3) :
550 ~ 960 (Table 2); 700 ~ 1200 (Table 1) < ?BR> maximum allowable emission rate (kg / h) :
2 2.5 ~ 170 (Table 2); 3.0 ~ 200 (Table 1)
3 3.5 ~ 270 (Table 2 ); 4.1 ~ 310 (Table 1)
?unorganized emissions monitoring the concentration limits (mg/m3) :
0.40 (Table 2); 0.50 (Table 1)
China (GWKB3-2000) garbage burning pollution control standards Incinerator atmospheric pollutant discharge limits 260mg/m3 (mean hours)

6. Emergency treatment and disposal methods :

a leakage contingency

rapid withdrawal of staff from air leakage supremacy wind, and immediately isolate small leakage isolation of 150 meters. Leakage isolation 450 meters and strictly restricted. Cut off the fire source. Recommended emergency personnel wearing self-Pressurized respirators to wear protective clothing. Upwind from entering the scene. As far as possible, cut off the source of leakage. Using industrial coating or adsorption / absorbent cover near the leaking sewer, and other gases to prevent access. A reasonable ventilation, accelerated proliferation. Spray - diluted solution. To build a causeway or trenching asylum produce a lot of wastewater. If possible, use a gas through catches allows sodium hypochlorite solution. Leak containers should be properly handled, repair, testing later use.

two protective measures

respiratory protection : concentration in air overweight, wearing self-absorption filter respirators (full cover). Emergency rescue or evacuation, it is recommended to wear positive pressure self-type respirators.
eye protection : Respiratory Protection has been protective.
physical protection : Polyethylene wear protective clothing.
hand protection : Wear rubber gloves.
other : work site prohibit smoking, eating and drinking. Work to complete, take a shower. To maintain good health habits.

three, and emergency measures

contact with the skin : immediately stripped of contaminated clothing, with a large number of mobile water rinse. Medical treatment.
eye contact : Did eyelid, mobile or saline irrigation water.
Inhalation : rapidly from the scene to fresh air. To keep the airway patency. If breathing is difficult, give oxygen. If breathing stop immediately mouth. Medical treatment.

fire fighting methods : This Unburning. Firefighters wearing gas masks filter type (full cover), or isolated respirators, wearing fire protective clothing body. The upwind fire. Cut off the gas source. Cooling water containers, if possible to move containers from the scene empty Department. Extinguishant : mist, foam and carbon dioxide.

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