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thiosulfuric acid
H2S2O3 chemical formula, molecular weight 114.14. There remains only solution. Instability, 45 ° C decomposition, produce water, sulfur dioxide, sulfur. Thiosulfate sulfate, can be seen as elements of an oxygen atom has been replaced by a sulfur atom in the product. Two of the average sulfur atoms at +2 oxidation. One of sulfur atoms at +6 oxidation, another oxidation of sulfur atoms at -2, Thiosulfate and its salts have a certain reductive. Thiosulfate acid ion in alkaline conditions very stable and has a strong complexing ability.
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More Detailed Data:
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9) thiosulfuric acid, calcium salt;calcium hyposulfite;calcium thiosulfate;calcium thiosulfate [ca(s2o3)];tecesal
10) Ammonium thiosulfate;thiosulfuric acid, diammonium salt;ammo hypo;ammonium hyposulfite
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