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thiosulfuric acid, calcium salt;calcium hyposulfite;calcium thiosulfate;calcium thiosulfate [ca(s2o3)];tecesal
CAS : 10124-41-1
Chinese name :
English title : thiosulfuric acid , calcium salt; calcium hyposulfite; calcium 1981; calcium 1981 [ca (s2o3)]; tecesal

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More Detailed Data:
1) calcium thiosulfate
2) Sulfuric acid, calcium salt;anhydrite;anhydrous calcium sulfate;anhydrous gypsum;anhydrous sulfate of lime;calcium sulfate
3) thiosulfuric acid
4) thiosulfuric acid
5) Calcium sulfate hemihydrate,medicinal
6) calcium sulfate
7) Calcium sulphate
8) calcium sulfate
9) calcium sulfate
10) Calcium sulfate hemihydrate
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