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fenazaquin;Magister;4-tert-butylphenethyl quinazolin-4-yl ether;4-(4-(1,1-dimethylethyl)phenyl) ethoxyquinazoline
Molecular formula: C20H22N2O
molecular weight: 306.4

melting point: 70 ~ 71 ° C
Vapor Pressure: 0.013mPa (25 ° C)
toxicity LD50 (mg / kg): Male rats acute oral LD50 50 ~ 500, more than 500 mice, quail than 2,000 (with a feeding tube)
traits: for the pure crystal
dissolution: solubility (g / L): Water 0.22mg / L, 400 acetone, acetonitrile and 33, more than 500 chloroform, hexane 33, 50 methanol, isopropanol 50, toluene 50.
use: This is Quinazolines miticide to 25 ~ 250 mg / L for Almond (almond), apples, citrus, cotton, grapes and ornamental plants, to be effective in prevention Leaf mites, McGregor and Hongye mites and mite rhodopsin to be short. The compound also has bactericidal activity. Preparation or
Source: anthranilic acid as raw materials in the system 4 - hydroxy quinazoline, with the phosphorus oxychloride. Responses received with 4 - chlorine quinazolines hydrochloride salt mixture, then 4 - UNSCOM - Benzonitrile ethanol refluxed obtained 4 - (2 - (4 - t-butyl phenyl) ethoxy) quinazolines hydrochloride, and once in the goods.
Note: Stability: aqueous solution exposed to sunlight, for the 4d cm (pH7, 25 ° C), soil diameter of about 45 days. Patent No. EP 380264
categories: miticide

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