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thiosulfuric acid
Molecular formula : H2S2O3

nature : only know exists in certain solvents. Very unstable and very easy to rapid decomposition of sulfuric acid, sulfur, hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide and hydrogen sulfide over (mixture). Low temperature (-78 ° C); In organic solvents such as ethyl ether (-78 ° C) or solvent (10 ° C) with dry hydrogen chloride treatment (acid) derived anhydrous sodium thiosulfate (not the solution!) . Or at 0 ° C and water conditions, in the ether where the three hydrogen sulfide and sulfur chloride response prepared. Because it is very unstable, so only its salt. Used primarily as the reductant, fixing agents and complexing agents, etc..

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More Detailed Data:
1) thiosulfuric acid
2) Propylthiosulfate;Thiosulfuric acid;s-Propyl ester
3) Sulfuric acid
4) Sulfuric acid
5) sulfuric acid
6) sulfuric acid
7) Sulfuric acid;Sulfuric acid, fuming;acide sulfurique
8) sulfuric acid
9) thiosulfuric acid, calcium salt;calcium hyposulfite;calcium thiosulfate;calcium thiosulfate [ca(s2o3)];tecesal
10) Ammonium thiosulfate;thiosulfuric acid, diammonium salt;ammo hypo;ammonium hyposulfite
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