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calcium thiosulfate
Molecular formula : CaS2O36H2O

nature : the white crystals. 40 ° Cweathering. Placed in a dry place will break down, the yellow crusty surface; Stored at 0 ° C in damp spots more stable. The relative density of 1.872. 43 ~ 49 ° C (decomposition). Water-soluble. Heat from the calcium hydroxide in water and sulfur in suspensions leads to sulfur dioxide in the system for the medicine.

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More Detailed Data:
1) thiosulfuric acid, calcium salt;calcium hyposulfite;calcium thiosulfate;calcium thiosulfate [ca(s2o3)];tecesal
2) Sulfuric acid, calcium salt;anhydrite;anhydrous calcium sulfate;anhydrous gypsum;anhydrous sulfate of lime;calcium sulfate
3) calcium sulfate
4) calcium sulfate
5) Calcium sulfate hemihydrate
6) calcium sulfate
7) thiosulfuric acid
8) Calcium sulfate hemihydrate,medicinal
9) Calcium sulphate
10) thiosulfuric acid
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