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red iron oxide;iron red;Pigment Red 101
Molecular formula :

nature : the chemical synthesis method to α-Fe2O3 main component of red inorganic pigments. Look for the dignitaries to dark red powder. The refractive index of 2.94 to 3.22. Oil Absorption, particle shape and size, surface area, the relative density from Preparation decision. Red iron oxide can be used wet and dry method, based on wet iron sulfate (or nitrate), the main raw material for caustic soda, in Solution Preparation seeds, the seeds grow and air oxidation, forming iron oxide red, after filtration, drying derived products for particle shape Rhomb; Dry is ferrous sulfate, iron oxide and iron oxide yellow, or as raw materials, high-temperature calcination to form iron oxide red, and its products can be spherical shape or needle. Mainly used in the coatings, plastics, building materials, leather coloring pigments, can also serve as a corrosion resistant coating pigments, but also can be used as a polishing agent, and the preparation of ferrite materials.

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